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  • Personal support
  • Cost transparency
  • Individual solutions


"In line with our motto of personal and individual support, our costs are always adapted to your specific case. In an initial consultation, we will explain to you in detail which factors are taken into account when determining the fee.
Our fees are always based on an hourly rate. However, depending on the specific circumstances of the case, we can also agree a flat rate or use the Lawyers' Fees Act as a basis, as is usually the case in proceedings before the courts (contentious proceedings). It is particularly important to us that you receive complete transparency regarding the costs incurred at all times.

In our function as a cooperation lawyer for legal expenses insurance companies, we are also happy to take care of communication and invoicing with your insurance company.
In addition, we can offer you the following all-inclusive packages:

1. General legal advice (30 minutes) EUR 200.00

You can claim this service either via an online tool or on site. Please provide us with a brief description of the facts of the case.

We also offer general legal advice by e-mail and the package price is reduced to EUR 150.00 in such a case.

2. "Legal-as-a-Service" the outsourced legal department from EUR 600.00 per month

It is clear that not every company can afford its own legal department or manage the complex corporate structure internally. This is often the case for start-ups, where the focus is naturally on financing and promoting their product or service at the beginning of their activities. Even for established companies, an internal legal department with little need for advice may simply not be worthwhile. In addition, recruiting qualified candidates is becoming increasingly challenging.
In this context, an outsourced legal department is an attractive alternative. As an external law firm, it acts as a central point of contact with in-depth knowledge of the company's specific circumstances. This turns purely internal legal advice into advice tailored to the company. The outsourced legal department accompanies, coordinates and supports proactively and integrates itself into the company's compliance structure. In doing so, it pursues a combined approach.

The term "Legal-as-a-Service" (LaaS) describes this combined approach, which originated in the Scandinavian and Anglo-American countries and is also becoming increasingly popular in the German legal market. "As a service" here refers to a comprehensive service that does not require any investment of its own. The success of LaaS models can be explained in economic terms, as they enable transparent calculations through various pricing models.
As an "outsourced legal department", we provide you with a monthly quota of hours that you can call up. We will advise or represent you and your company in all legal matters to the agreed extent or arrange a specialized national or international colleague at a reasonable price.

3. Drafting a letter of demand from a lawyer EUR 200.00

4. Initial consultation for start-ups (60 minutes) On-site or digital. EUR 300.00

  • Gründung: Welche Rechtsform sollte gewählt werden und wie sollten etwa Gesellschaftsverträge ausgestaltet werden?
  • Geistiges Eigentum: Patente, Marken und Urheberrechte können für ein Start-up von entscheidender Bedeutung sein. Ein Anwalt kann bei der Anmeldung und Durchsetzung von Schutzrechten helfen.
  • Arbeitsrecht: Als Arbeitgeber hat ein Start-up bestimmte arbeitsrechtliche Pflichten, wie etwa die Erstellung von Arbeitsverträgen oder die Einhaltung von Arbeitszeiten und Kündigungsfristen. Welche Fallstricke gibt es?
  • Datenschutz: Die Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten unterliegt strengen gesetzlichen Vorgaben. Was ist hier zu beachten?
  • Vertragsrecht: Im Rahmen des Geschäftsbetriebs eines Start-ups gibt es verschiedene Verträge zu gestalten und zu überprüfen, wie etwa Lieferverträge, Kooperationsvereinbarungen oder Nutzungsbedingungen. Was wird benötigt?

Dies sind nur einige Beispiele für rechtliche Themen, mit denen sich ein Start-up beschäftigen sollte. Es empfiehlt sich daher, frühzeitig einen Rechtsanwalt und Fachanwalt hinzuzuziehen, um rechtliche Risiken zu minimieren, Chancen zu ergreifen und das Wachstum und den Gewinn zu fördern.

5. Initial consultation on data protection law On-site or digital. EUR 300.00

6. Drafting and review of various contracts Hourly rate: EUR 250.00; flat rate possible after description of the subject matter (free of charge for further assignment)

7. Formation of a GmbH (and other company forms)

8. Trademark search and registration

9. Creation of new GTC/review of existing GTC

10. Preparation of wills, health care proxies & living wills from EUR 400.00

11. Professional drawing up of purchase contract & processing 1.25% of the purchase price

We are firmly opposed to the dumping prices that are currently circulating on the market, as we believe that drawing up and processing a purchase agreement is far too important a matter to save money here. This price culture means that important issues are often overlooked or not adequately addressed when drawing up a purchase agreement, which is why we only offer our services to clients who want comprehensive advice.

For real estate transactions, we are therefore happy to draw up your purchase contract and ensure that it is entered in the land register for 1.25% of the purchase price, but at least EUR 3.000.00.

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