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Lawyer for inheritance law in Vienna get advice now!

Our law firm is at your disposal, for example, both for drawing up wills and for asserting your inheritance and compulsory portion rights.

How can I determine the distribution of my assets during my lifetime? What do I need to bear in mind? What if I am not included in the succession? Can I disclaim an inheritance?

Our law firm in Vienna offers qualified legal advice and represents you in court. Benefit from our expertise in inheritance law and let us help you.

The uniqueness of inheritance law is clearly on the table, as it involves not only legal issues but also grief work for the bereaved. Inheritance matters often lead to family conflicts, which is an enormous burden for all concerned. Thanks to its many years of expertise, our team is trained to provide you with the best possible advice in such cases and can also draw on an international cooperation network.

Services of the lawyer for inheritance law

Contact us for the following topics:

  • Preparation of wills
  • Contesting wills
  • Assertion of the compulsory portion
  • Unlawful exclusion from succession
  • Inheritance contest

Compulsory portion – a frequent bone of contention in inheritance law

You can decide during your lifetime who you want to be your heir and record this in your will. It is not necessary to give reasons if you disinherit your next of kin, but a certain form must be observed. Regardless of this, children, siblings, parents and spouses have a right to a compulsory portion.

The right to a compulsory portion can only be revoked or reduced to half for serious reasons stipulated by law.

Speak to your inheritance lawyer – as a testator, a heir or a beneficiary of a compulsory portion.

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