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Jandl & Schöberl Rechtsanwälte GmbH our team introduces itself!

Mag. Doris Schöberl

Languages: DE/EN/IT/FR

About the person 

Independent lawyer since 2005 

Ms. Schöberl has held various management positions in a wide range of industries and is also a board member of several national and international foundations.

For many years, she has been advising a major Austrian bank and its leasing subsidiary as well as other international leasing companies, has accompanied numerous construction projects up to the establishment of condominiums and is a competent contact person in various business sectors.

Main areas of practice 

General civil law, leasing law and litigation, real estate law and condominium law.

Dr. Moritz Völkl

Languages: DE/EN/FR

About the person

After completing his diploma studies, Moritz Voelkl began working as a university assistant at the Institute for Constitutional and Administrative Law at the Juridicum in Vienna. In the course of this, he also held several lectures in a broad field of law at the University of Vienna and has also worked as a legal assistant at the law firm Jandl & Schöberl Rechtsanwälte GmbH since the beginning of his studies in 2012. 

Moritz Voelkl started his career as an associate in December 2020.

Main areas of practice

General civil law and litigation, condominium and tenancy law as well as public law (in particular construction law, administrative procedural law and constitutional law with a specialization in ECHR rights and criminal law).

Dr. Peter Jandl

Languages: DE/ EN

About the person

Dr. iur.
independent lawyer since 1976

Dr. Jandl held various supervisory board positions for many years, including as chairman of the supervisory board, and is now a board member of several foundations. He has been providing a large number of his clients - including international clients - with his excellent legal expertise in a wide range of matters for decades.

For many years, Dr. Jandl acted as in-house counsel for a major Austrian commercial bank until its merger with another major Austrian bank. 

Main areas of practice

General civil law, corporate and company law, banking law, inheritance law and contract law.

Dr. Lukas Twardosz

Lawyer and tax consultant / directing partner
Languages: DE / EN

About the person 

Dr. iur. 1998
Registered chartered accountant/tax consultant since 2002
Registered lawyer since 2006 

Lukas Twardosz works as an independent lawyer and tax consultant.

In addition to his specialization in taxes, he has many years of experience in insolvency and employment law. His areas of practice as a lawyer also include company law, the purchase and sale of companies and reorganizations. His areas of specialization as a tax consultant include VAT, taxes in insolvency, reorganization tax law and international tax law.

He is also the managing partner of a law firm for tax consulting and business consulting.

Main areas of practice

General civil law and contract law, employment law, corporate law, insolvency law and tax law as well as financial criminal law.

Klaudia Peisser

  • Head of the law firm,
  • Head of the curreny department including eviction proceedings,
  • bookkeeping


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